Is Luminess Hair human hair?
Yes, Luminess Hair is 100% salon quality, human remy hair.

How long does Luminess Hair last?

The life span of your extensions will be reflected by how often they are worn, as well as how they are cared for. We recommend replacing your extensions every 6-8 months.

Where does the hair come from?
Finding a reputable, ethical, fair-trade manufacturer was of utmost importance to us. We have partnered with one Chinese hair manufacturer who have been ethically sourcing and manufacturing hair goods for over 30 years.

Can I cut my extensions?
Of course! We recommend using a professional hairstylist when cutting your Luminess Hair extensions.

Can I color my extensions?
Luminess Hair extensions are 100% human remy hair, therefore, dying or coloring may cause damage and the results may vary. However, if you choose to color your extensions, we recommend working with a professional that has experience with coloring hair extensions and to test one weft prior to coloring the full set. Keep in mind, if you color/alter your extensions you are no longer eligible for a refund/return.

Can I sleep in the extensions?
We do not recommend sleeping in your extensions. Proper care and storage of your Luminess
Hair can extend the life of your extensions